Promotion of Women in Energy
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POWERED is a three-year programme designed to promote gender inclusion in the Indian energy development sector.

The programme is launched jointly by Shell Foundation, a UK charity that supports social enterprises delivering access to energy and sustainable mobility solutions in Africa and India, and the DFID India.

The objective of the programme is to enhance the employment and business opportunities for women in the Indian energy sector by building systems and structures that are sustainable and replicable.

To help achieve the objective, the programme has partnered with Dharma Life, SMV Green Solutions and Zone Startups India.

The programme has four goals:

Job creation

The programme aims to create 5,000 jobs for women across the energy sector in India by providing grants and intensive business support to a select number of enterprises that can create employment opportunities across their entire operations.

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Support early-stage, women-led enterprises

Fifteen start-ups will be supported through the POWERED Entrepreneurship Programme. Coordinated by Zone Startups India, the programme supports women entrepreneurs building ventures in the energy sector, helping them to expand their innovative and consumer-responsive services, products and financing.

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Create and grow women-led micro-enterprises

The programme will provide grants and intensive business support to at least 100 women led micro-enterprises with solutions enabling women led SMEs.

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Share learnings and insights

Reports will be shared with key stakeholders to increase awareness about major barriers to gender inclusion in the energy sector.